Mommy: Fabiola Bustos
Provider: Renacer Al Parto

Finding a VBAC friendly provider

When I was planning my own VBAC, the thing that I knew was the most important key factor was making sure that I had a supportive provider that practiced evidence based care and believed in me and my baby.

It’s important to interview a provider PRIOR to being under their care.

Signs that your provider is 𝐍𝐎𝐓 VBAC friendly:
❌wants to schedule a repeat cesarean on the calendar “just in case”
❌requires you to go into labor on your own by a certain week
❌will not induce you under any circumstances
❌requires you to have an epidural or other interventions, like an internal monitor “just in case”
❌uses a VBAC calculator to see what your chances of being successful are
❌baby must be measuring below a certain weight
❌labor must progress under a certain time limit
❌shares an on-call practice with other providers who are not VBAC friendly
❌requires you to have double layer sutures
❌requires you to come into hospital in early labor
❌requires a pelvic exam to see if your pelvis is “wide enough”
❌discourages having a doula
❌talks only about risks of VBAC and not risks of a repeat cesarean
❌thinks having a birthplan is bad
❌his/her VBAC rate is low or has a high cesarean rate
❌already thinks a VBAC will fail based on your past birth
❌says he/she wouldn’t let their spouse VBAC
❌says the word “But” frequently when talking about a VBAC
❌requires cervical exams in late pregnancy to see if your cervix is open/soft and “works”
❌requires baby to be head-down
❌pushes hospital “protocol” or “rules” above your desires and health
❌wants to measure thickness of uterine scar
❌says you are too obese to VBAC
❌says you can’t have more than 1 previous cesarean to VBAC
❌won’t let you VBAC with twins
❌uses fear tactics to get you to do what he/she wants, like talking about you dying or you killing your baby
❌talks about horrendous birth stories of rupturing
❌requires at least 18 months in between cesarean and VBAC

Mommy: Fabiola Bustos
Provider: Renacer Al Parto


Invest in your birth. Spend time interviewing different providers. Bring a support person with you to these consultations. Write everything down and bring it with you so you don’t forget anything and utilize your time wisely.

Only have people who support you at your birth. Believe in yourself and your baby. Spend time clearing yourself of fear and take a good childbirth class.(Not the one the hospital gives)

Mommy: Fabiola Bustos
Provider: Renacer Al Parto



Mommy: Fabiola Bustos
Provider: Renacer Al Parto

VBAC Resources:

ACOG Says:

" attempting a VBAC is a safe and appropriate choice for most women who have had a prior cesarean delivery, including some women who have had two previous cesareans. "