Fecal Microbiota

Did you know that babies are supposed to be exposed to the bacteria of the rectum?

 Most babies are born facing the mothers anus and there’s a perfectly good reason why nature has placed your rectum so close to where your baby exits.

Massive bacterial colonization of the newborn occurs at birth upon exposure to vaginal, fecal, and skin microbiota. Babies pick up bacteria that helps to build a healthy gut and strong immune system from inside the mothers vagina, her rectum and her skin.

B.infantis is found in the mouth and the gastrointestinal tract. It’s found in abundance in the colon. Babies who are born in vaginal births are typically exposed to B.infantis when the birthing mother passes a bowel movement while birthing. And since nature has thought this through, the purposeful and basic physiology of how babies are born puts the baby in direct contact with the mothers anus immediately so the baby has contact with mommy’s fecal material. Picking up fecal microbiota that is essential for the health of your baby.

After birth, breast milk promotes the colonization and maturation of the infant gut microbiome.

Risks when infants are not exposed to vaginal, fecal and skin microbiota:
🔻immune and metabolic disorders
🔻food allergies

Our design and how we are born impacts the health of our children, short-term and long-term.