Hi!  I'm Flor Cruz, the woman behind BadAssMotherBirther.  I am a wife and mother to 4 beautiful children.  I reside in the city of Long Beach in California.   I became interested in becoming a birth doula when I came to a bit of standstill in my life.  I wasn't doing what my heart desired.  And where my I found myself was really wanting to help families through childbirth.  I jumped right in.  I signed up for doula training and once I completed that, I worked as an intern at a free-standing birth center.  From there I started my own doula business and found what a real problem there was in the maternity care.  I was rocked by what I was seeing and experiencing.  My passion for birth only grew stronger and I dove into learning about normal, physiological  birth and evidence based care.  I wanted to know why our system was and still is failing families.  I uncovered so much information and I needed to share all of it with the world.  I had a VBAC in 2017 that changed me forever.  BadAssMotherBirther was born.  I've had so much pride in feeling like I'm making a difference by just sharing my knowledge and amazing uncensored content across social media platforms.  The BAMB tribe has grown tremendously and I can't wait to see what the future holds in store for us.