Changes in Nipples During Pregnancy


A woman’s body never ceases to amaze me.  The changes it goes through, all in effort to ensure the survival of your baby.  A big change you may see immediately upon becoming pregnant is the change in your areolas and nipples.   The areolas and nipples go through big changes to help you and your baby be successful at breastfeeding.

🌸Areolas have tissue and fiber that contracts so that nipples can get erect when breastfeeding.
🌸During pregnancy your body produces hormones and increases melanin production that cues your areolas and nipples to become darker in color.  Why?  Because babies do not have very good eyesight when they are born, but they can see a big contrast in colors. They can find their way to the breast more easily if they see a dark target on a lighter skin.
🌸Your areolas will become larger, so your baby is sure to not miss them.

🌸Your nipples may become larger to help your baby get a good latch.
🌸You may notice your areolas look bumopier than useual.  These are Montogomery tubercles that pop up on your areolas.  Most women think they resemble pimples.  But what they do is provide lubrication for your breasts to help your baby latch and discourage bacteria.  These glands also provide a scent that smells a lot like amniotic fluid which will help your baby smell his/her way to your breasts and keep him/her calm with the smell they have been so accustomed to inside the womb.
🌸The skin on your areolas also becomes thicker and tougher to prepare for suckling, which can be painful at first.

🌸You may also notice that your breasts are itchy and this is due to the rapid increase in size of breasts

🌸Your breasts can also have visible veins on the breasts which is caused by the increased blood flow during pregnancy.


🌸In most cases, the areolas and nipples can return to what they originally look like.  But some women will remain with their new nipples and areolas for the rest of their lives.

Our bodies go through so many changes and it can feel so overwhelming sometimes. 

But I want you to know that every single little or big change has a purpose.

Our bodies are truly a perfect design.

 Nothing compares to us.