Skin To Skin Contact


Did you know immeditae skin to skin contact with your baby carries health benefits?🤔  Why?🤔  What are the benefits?🤔  Can daddy do skin to skin with baby?🤔  How do I do skin to skin?🤔

📌Infants cannot regulate their body temperature just yet.  A study found that mommy and daddy’s body were more effective at regulating baby’s temperature than an artificial warmer. Mommy’s body has a slight advantage over daddy’s body. Mommy’s body will cool if baby is too hot, and also get hotter if baby is too cold 😱
📌Babies who obtain skin to skin tend to have heart and breathing rates that are both more normal and more stable. This holds true for premature babies as well. The mother’s heart sounds and breathing patterns are familiar to the baby after spending time in utero and helps guide baby to an easier transition from womb to world.
📌It can help stabilize your baby’s blood sugar levels.  This is especially important if mommy had gestational diabetes.
📌It initiates breastfeeding.
📌Babies get exposed to their mother’s bacteria through skin-to-skin contact after birth.  Bacteria in the vagina and on the skin are different from bacteria found in a hospital isolette, so early exposure helps babies develop a healthy range of bacteria, building the microbiome.

📌Oxytocin is released which helps release the placenta and reduces postpartum hemorrhage.
📌A mammalian reflex of a baby is to have a “separation distress call” when separated from mommy and brings on higher adrenaline levels.  The baby will eventually got to sleep and the very important first latch may be delayed.   Skin to skin will give you a baby who is apt to cry less since it feels more secure and protected in your arms.  
📌Clinical procedures like a heel stick for blood sampling can be painful for baby.  A baby’s pain level and duration of pain decreases with skin to skin contact.
📌Having your baby skin to skin helps to ensure that the mother will learn her baby’s signals sooner, improving communication and boosting maternal confidence as well as helping babies develop a sense of trust and security.
📌if you had a cesarean, ask staff to place your baby skin to skin as soon as possible
📌Give daddy a job!  Daddy can give skin to skin as well . This is especially important for bonding time and also if mommy is unavailable to do skin to skin contact, daddy can provide baby with the best start!  But daddy's body does not adjust to baby's temperature like mommy does, so he must be more careful to not overheat the baby.


 ✅Mothers and babies should be in direct contact for at least 1-2 hours immediately following birth.  Place your naked baby directly on your bare chest, between your breasts.  Drape a blanket over yourself and baby for warmth.  It is beneficial for parents to do skin to skin often and throughout all of infancy✅

✅The World Health Organization and United Nation's Children's Fund recommend that all healthy mother's and babies, regardless of feeding preference and method of birth, have uninterrupted skin-to-skin care beginning immediately after birth for at least an hour, and until after the first feeding, for breasteeding women.✅