"My Unassisted Homebirth In Water"

Written by Kayla reid

  4.4.15 Milo Patrick Reid 8.2lbs 19in. Going into this birth my plans were to have an unassisted, unmedicated birth, in my home with only my husband and cousin present. I knew I could only have a vision but my baby knew the ultimate plan. I remained humble and prepared to follow whichever path necessary. 

 This would be my second birth experience, my first was a very traumatic hospital birth. I wanted this and needed this to heal but of course I had to maintain a realistic mindset.  At 41 weeks and 5 days at 3:30am I felt a very strong wave of pain not like any other contraction I had been having. I woke my husband up even though I was hesitant to admit I was actually in labor. We came downstairs and the mood was just right. I could hear the thunderstorm and remember feeling at peace, like today was just the right day.

 I was timing contractions initially but at some point I decided I would stop and just go with it. At about 7am they continued to come but I knew they had become stronger and closer together, I decided to put music on and relax but the intensity of the contractions was too much. My husband and my cousin had been filling the pool and keeping it at just the right temperature but I was hesitant to get in for fear of slowing labor down. I decided to get in, the moment I got in, it was immediate relief! I was elated! I worried for a moment that I went in too early because it made me feel that much better.

 The waves of pain began rolling in one right after another, I knew the time was getting close and I could feel him moving down. I started to doubt my abilities, I started saying things like "I can't do this" "I don't want to do this" "I need to go to the hospital" these were all sure signs I was in transition...suddenly with a new wave my body threw me forward and pushed and I could feel his head coming down I knew I should slow myself down and focus on breathing and let my body do the work but I couldn't help but push, I knew there was a good chance Id tear but it was worth it, I wanted to meet my baby! I pushed with all my might and I felt his head come out, what an amazing feeling! Half earth side and half still in the womb.

 I reach down and just wanted him to know I loved him, I began to rub his head in complete shock. I couldn't believe I was so close to meeting my baby. I knew with one more push he would be here so I took sometime to breathe and I told myself when I felt the next wave I would push, the wave came in and I began to push and I felt him join us earth side. What a profound moment, I was in pure shock I had done it when 10 minutes ago I was saying I couldn't do it. I couldn't believe I just gave birth to my baby boy, in our house, unmedicated and unassisted. I was so overwhelmed with feelings of love and accomplishment! I could hear my husband cheering me on then suddenly the room was filled with "you did it!". I pulled him close to me, I heard his cry and I knew I had achieved my birth experience. I felt so blessed and grateful. I felt like I had been given a gift.

 I was surrounded by love and support and now, a new baby.  I thought the placenta would come right away but after 4 hours it was still in and although I knew some good pushes would get it out, I was exhausted and simply didn't want to push. I knew I had some tearing because of my inability to slow down and let my body do the pushing. We decided a hospital visit was best for help with the placenta and some stitches. Once I arrived I made it very clear, we were there for me and not the baby. My husband held the baby the entire time and 2 hours later we were all back home.    

Whichever way you choose to birth I hope it is powerful and in your control. Birth is always profound no matter which way it happens as long as it brings you comfort and peace then it was the right way.  My birth brought me unexplainable healing.  I will forever be changed by my birth experience and I wish that for every woman.  I'm happy to share and I hope many of you share your experiences in the future.