The Breast Crawl

Your newborn comes with the ability to crawl to your breasts for it’s first feed.

♥️ This is called the Breast Crawl♥️

📌Young humans, like other baby mammals, know how to find their mother’s breast.

📌Breast Crawl is associated with a variety of sensory, central, motor and neuro-endocrine components, all directly or indirectly helping the baby to move and facilitate her survival in the new world.

📌Babies prefer their mother's unwashed breast to her washed breast, soon after birth. Besides secreting milk and colostrum, the nipple and areola are dense in glands that secrete attractive odors. Breast odors from the mother exert a pheromone-like effect at the newborn's first attempt to locate the breast.

📌Every newborn, right after birth, if placed on mothers abdomen, has the ability to crawl to mommas breasts when he/she is ready for its first feed.

📌The movements start 12 to 44 minutes after birth.

📌Spontaneous suckling happens at 27 to 71 minutes after birth.

📌Smell, vision and taste all help the newborn to detect and find the breast. Auditory inputs and touch make her comfortable and help to create a suitable environment.

📌Babies are attracted to black and white patterns, this is why your areola is hyperpigmented.

📌Newborn's brain is optimally ready to integrate various sensory inputs and other components of the Breast Crawl soon after birth. If initiation is not attempted soon after birth, a vital period of alertness will be lost, the newborn will go off to sleep and the first breastfeed may be delayed for several hours.

🌸How to facilitate the breastcrawl🌸

♥️Use drugs for labour analgesia judiciously.

♥️Do not wash/wipe breast before feeding.

♥️Raise mother's head on a pillow to facilitate mother-baby visual contact.

♥️Do not move mother out of labour room until completion of the first breastfeed

♥️Do not dry the baby’s hands, this preserves the smell of amniotic fluid.

♥️The baby and the mother should be covered together with a cloth with skin to skin contact

♥️Delay routine care & dressing/wrapping